Monday, October 18, 2010

I sure do miss her...

It's official we have been apart for 2 months and I miss my roommate, sister, and friend like crazy. I am counting down the days till Halloween weekend when the Peterson girls will all reunite again for a weekend of fun in Rexburg.

I miss:
Her yelling at me for waking her up in the morning while looking for my ring.
Squeezing on her twin bed to watch Glee together.
Her crazy dancing when homework got to be too much.
Her sleep talking, yelling, and laughing.
Her night time prayers while sitting in the sink.
Her endless dinners of Pasta Roni.
Her pepperconi breath.
Twizleberry Friday Nights.
"Jaime you know how many milks that can buy" Me: "But I don't even drink milk"

We have so many good, funny, and crazy memories. I love going to college with my little sister and it will be fun to have all three Peterson girls there spring semester.

Our moto: There is nothing that dancing can't make better.

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