Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rexburg Weekend

We got up before the sun to drive down to Rexburg. It really was a great weekend. Gary, Sarah, and Landon were there. My Aunt came up to visit my cousin Carly and Brian. It was a little family reunion, and a fun one at that.

Don't ask why it's just what we do.

Since Halloween ended up being on a Sunday (which should never happen) we got a little creative on our church outfits.

Emily sure missed my mom, don't worry it's all with love.

They sure are pretty..that is my mom and her sister.

The Rexburg crew

Little Landon was so cute and smiled lots for us.


We finished off the weekend at Twizl Berry, which happened to be a Friday night treat for Emily and I during spring semester so we had to share the goodness secret with the family.

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